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    Emu Journal

    Emu Anticdotal and Scientific research

    We Could Not Do it Without You
    The Harmer Family
    Today, families are finding new ways to spend time together and volunteering is one way to do just that. Did you know that research shows that volunteering as a family helps families identify their place in the world? It is a way to pass along family values and provide new experiences for the both kids and adults. It helps families learn how to solve problems together and helps younger members decide what they want to do with their life. Then, there's the Harmer Family. They are just plain crazy.

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    Skin Care & Cosmetics
    Sara Petersen

    How Do I Profit from Running My Business?

    Business Owners and Investors often ask this question - How do I profit from running my business?
    I figured out a long time ago that I would rather be in business for myself than as someone else's employee. Since I happened to be a very good CPA, I began serving small businesses. Unfortunately, my bottleneck to glory and success was how to get clients.
    Ken Cone CPA

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    Radio Media
    Clear Channel

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    Serving the Environment and You
    We provide earth-friendly residential and commercial pest control and exterminator services in the Sacramento valley for ant, spider, silverfish, roach, rat, mice, bedbug, pigeon and termite infestations.
    Pest Control
    Earth Guard Pest Management

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    If you are seeking solutions or need your questions answered, take action and plan a time to discuss options for those solutions! Enjoy being fully engaged in your life by utilizing Syn as a valuable personal and or business resource! Clarify your vision--she can show you how!
    Intuitive Coaching & Consulting
    Insightful Coaching

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    Social Media Marketing & Networking
    Jones Networking



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