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by Bill Schlack

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Emu oil and Hemorrhoids

Emu oil and Hemorrhoids

Why people use Emu Oil on their hemorrhoids.
* Anti-bacterial properties.
* Analgesic properties pain relief.
* Anti-inflammatory properties.
* Moisturizing for the skin.
* Speeds healing.
* Thickens thining skin.

People are reporting positIve experiences from using Pure Emu Oil and Emu Oil Products on their hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoid Causes
The most common hemorrhoid cause is straining during bowel movements.  Pushing too hard, too often ruptures the vein walls. Doing this over some time means the area can't heal - hemorrhoids form - either internally, externally or both. And they're painful; they itch, bleed and protrude causing more itching and bleeding. This circle of pain can go on for years. But find your hemorrhoid causes and you're on the way to getting hemorrhoid pain relief. I bet that puts a smile on your dial. Here are other hemorrhoid causes to start you on the road to natural hemorrhoid relief:
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • Hypertension
  • Obesity
  • Sitting for prolonged periods
  • Poor posture
  • Pregnancy
  • Excessive alcohol and/or caffeine
  • High levels of lactic acid from dairy such as cheese.
  • Vitamin E deficiency.
  • Lack of dietary fiber.
The good news is that natural hemorrhoid relief is available you just have to find the hemorrhoid home treatment for you.

For many hemorrhoid home treatments are by far the easiest and simplest ways to get hemorrhoid pain relief through small changes to diet, exercise, baths, ointments, herbs, even clothing. A hemorrhoid home treatment using natural hemorrhoid cures let's you bypass surgery which is painful, expensive and no guarantee hemorrhoids won't return. But find your hemorrhoid causes, use a hemorrhoid home treatment to shrink hemorrhoids and you're on the way to permanent hemorrhoid pain relief.

Hemorrhoid Symptoms

Emu Oil Hemorrhoid

Suppositories. Applied directly to hemorrhoids.

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