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Linda Bigler, business coach, uses a wealth of tools and strategies to change how businesses operate for the better. The advantages of working with a Business Coach/Mentor/Consultant are many. Her process concentrates on how to build an owner, not just the business. When working with Linda, she will not only guide the business owner in how to achieve their goals, she will hold the business owner accountable for their actions. "Like an athletic coach she will help you create the program and will guide you through it but won't do your sit-ups for you." Therefore you can use the skills you have developed throughout the rest of your life. Change your behavior, change the results!


Linda Bigler
Business Coach

(916) 719-2131

Sacramento, CA 

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The Money Magnet - Sacramento Business Coach 916-719-2131

Linda Bigler<br>Business Coach
Linda Bigler, The Money Magnet, is a keynote speaker, Business Coach and consultant. Linda is a sales professional with more than 25 years of experience. She utilizes her wealth of business and sales knowledge with many businesses as well as her ability to mentor and lead a team with passion and heart in her Coaching. She understands the foundation and structure necessary to build a successful profitable business in any industry and conducts quarterly goal setting workshops to keep businesses on track. She also presents a variety of business workshops including Sales training, Improving Customer Service for delivery consistency, Team alignments, hiring "Right" process, vision board creation, 6 Steps to Building a Better Performing Business and 5 Ways to Improve Profits.
Read Unbiased Consumer Reviews Online at

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Business Coaching

Linda will focus among others, on these key areas:

  • Business Planning and Development
  • TEAM Building for leverage
  • Target Marketing
  • Testing and Measuring for effectiveness
  • Sales/Service Training
  • Business process improvement
  • Employee hiring process
  • Knowing your numbers to increase profits
  • Effective Time Management Strategies


By: Reg Carter
If you wish you had a professional business coach to get you focused, motivated, and get your business back into shape, Linda is terrific. I have worked with her over the past five months, and my business has grown in leaps and bounds. She helped me identify the areas of my business that needed improvement and provided me with a formula for success. Take my advice and give her a call. You'll be glad you did.

By: Tom Avery, Owner/Chief Executive Officer
She's awesome…very direct - compassionate - knowledgeable - thoughtful - reliable. She's helped me immensely and I have had nothing but a good experience with her and I can be very critical sometimes. I would say that hiring her should be a no brainer.

By: Tamara Dorris, blog talk radio
There's nothing like having a coach who KNOWS how to make you succeed, and listeners love this "tell it like it is" coach, not only for her tell it like it is honesty, but for the strategies she teaches clients so that success is absolutely forthcoming.

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