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Ken Cone, CPA Certified Public Accountant - Sacramento, CA 95842

Certified Public Accountant, CPA

Sacramento, California based Certified Public Accountant Ken Cone, provides CPA services to small and mid sized organizations through California with particular emphasis to the Sacramento region and Bay area. With his Masters of Business Administration secured from Santa Clara University, Ken developed a business plan while in Oregon to market CPA services as "Management Business Advisor's." The logo remains to this day to remind us of his commitment to excellent business management advice.

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Ken Cone
5000 Barnaby Ct.
Sacramento, CA 95842 

Ken Cone Sacramento California CPA

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Ken Cone CPA BBB ratingKen Cone CPA BBB member

Throughout a career as a Certified Public Accountant, Ken Cone had the opportunity to go into countless businesses and "look under the hood," so to speak. As he honed his craft he noticed several common threads between clients that were successful and those that weren't. With a keen eye for detail and an ability to quickly diagnose issues and provide solutions, Ken began offering more guidance and advice to clients than simply tax advice and balance sheet understanding.
As his skills in this consultative approach grew, he became increasingly passionate about providing knowledge to business owners, managers, and investors. Driving that passion is the desire to empower them to make more informed decisions about their business' finances, the overall direction of their organizations and their work/life balance.
A native of the Bay Area, Ken holds a BSC and an MBA from Santa Clara University.
Ken is a problem solver. It is his brilliance. He is a 'hands on CPA' who enjoys working with, not just for, the business owner. He has a sharp instinct for discerning what is wrong, discovering what is needed, understanding how to go about getting it done, and then expertly making the needed changes. If you are a business owner with a problem, Ken can help.

Ken knows the small and mid-size business owner's issues. He utilizes his vast knowledge and experience to help you overcome problems, such as:
  • What is the difference between an S Corporation, C Corporation., and LLC?
  • What type of legal structure should I choose for my business?
  • I haven't filed a tax return in 5 years. What do I do?
  • How can I better manage my business to increase profits?
  • My business has stagnated. Nothing seems to be working.
  • Every time we reach a certain point in growth, everything goes haywire.

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Ken Cone CPA serving Northern California including the San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley from Sacramento California.

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Tax Planning replaces Tax Paying:

  • The biggest single expense in your annual costs is your income taxes. Taking a proactive approach to minimizing your income taxes can give you what you really want - Savings!

  • I utilize a trademarked system that gives you a complete solution to proactively manage your income tax liability.

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Certified Tax Coach Logo for Ken Cone Sacramento CPAJanuary 2012 Ken completed the certification program and became California's newest Certified Tax Coach. This additional training in conjunction with Ken's experience in more complex tax issues brings you access to even greater tax savings ideas during your tax planning sessions.


Customer Comments & Reviews
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By: Erik K.
I was working with a major regional accounting firm. I felt like I was not getting satisfactory response time from them. Some of my questions went completely unanswered. And, their fees are much higher than Kenís.

Ken provides prompt well thought out answers to my challenging technical questions. He did a stellar job of helping to clean up our bookkeeping. And, he did all this at a price we could afford.


Erik F,

Jimboys North America, LLC

By: Robin Walsh, Executive Director, Up & At it
Meet Ken Cone, a keen CPA with tons of nonprofit expertise. Ken has been an asset to UAAI on many levels; annual financial statements, tax filings, IRS guidelines, strategic financial coaching and much more.

When you are in need of a CPA, feel free to reach out to Ken directly, should you need THE BEST CPA EVER!!!!

By: Randy, President, US Gadgets
I have used Ken Cone CPA as my advisor and accountant for many years. Throughout this period he has seen the ups and downs of my business activity. In these turbulent cycles he has provided me with practical and logical advice which has guided us through the economic crisis. Ken's hands on approach and willingness to study and understand our business has helped us through difficult decision making. He acts as our CFO and has been a great asset to our small business.

Ken's Services
Call or email Ken with an available appointment time that is best for you.

Ken's Services
Traditional CPA Services.
  • Audits
  • Financial Statements
  • Tax Compliance
  • Tax Planning
  • Management Consulting
  • Real Estate Tax issues
  • Financial Consulting
  • Profit Expert
  • Business Turnarounds
    The Traditional CPA Services:
    As a CPA focusing on the unique needs of small businesses, I am available to help with:
    • Financial Statements, compilations and reviews
    • Small business tax compliance
    • Tax planning
    • Management advice
    • Real estate tax law.
    Financing Consulting Program:
    When you have a customer who has been turned down for loan, you make no money.Ken Cone Sacramento California CPA
    I can help by:
    • Addressing the reason the loan was turned down:
    • Poor credit history
    • Improperly prepared financial statements
    • Improperly prepared statement of collateral
    • Borrower's inexperience in business world
    • Lack of, or poorly prepared business plan
    • Inadequately described use of funds
    • No forecast of cash flow
    • Unavailable profit and loss projection
    • Absence of audit verification where requested
    • Borrower's poor personal appearance
    • Regarding poor credit history, I can provide specific consulting as to which steps are necessary to correct the problem. Some problems are errors of fact. Others are a matter of developing patterns of paying debt on time. Repairing the latter problem is an issue that requires time to demonstrate the problem has been fixed.
    The remaining items on the list fall within the expertise of our CPA training. (Even personal appearance is a subject that is stressed in our role as CPAs.)
    Profit Expert :
    The small business owner is responsible for integrating three programs:
    • Production - Most business owners understand production
    • Marketing - To survive at all, they succeed at marketing
    • Accounting - Very few are proficient at accounting
    • Accounting provides feedback and direction for production and marketing
      • Accounting converts data into information
      • Information applied becomes knowledge
      • Knowledge leads to wisdom
    My mission is to provide the business owner with useful financial information to:
    • Lower taxes
    • Increase profits
    • Make sure there is money available when it is needed to operate and grow
    My business assessment compares 20 key financial ratios for a given company against their industry's average for businesses of similar size based on their NAICS code.
    The report provides me with a list of recommended steps to improve weak points and expand on strengths. My job as the professional is to help select a few key steps from the suggested choices. The owner can only concentrate on one to three issues at a time.
    Business Turn-Around :
    If a business is going down in flames, can it be saved? Sacramento California CPA Ken Cone
    In Red to Black in 30 Days, Allen B. Bostrom, CPA provides a recipe for turning businesses around. Naturally, not every business can be saved. What is possible? I am available to assess any business whose survival you, or your client, is concerned about.
    There are nine fundamental keys to turning around a business. These are organized into two sets of three categories:
    1. Marketing
    2. Production
    3. Accounting
    4. Immediate changes
    5. Intermediate Changes
    6. Long-term corrections

    Tax Savers Nor Cal website. Click here to and go directly there.

      More About Ken:

      Personal & Professional - A Whole Life Approach

      Ken Cone Sacramento CPA whole life approach

      Ken sees each problem with a keen understanding that combined forces are stronger than one. He works with you. It is his brilliance. Ken is a "hands on CPA". Ken understands that first and foremost, you are a person, and that you have real world demands on your life. He is keenly aware that business and personal issues combine into a WHOLE life. With that in mind, Ken has a sharp instinct for clarifying what issues may be holding you or your business back. By listening to you and your business, he effectively understands what actions will be needed to handle the problem. Once he has that information, working with you, he expertly implements the necessary changes to resolve the issue. Ken utilizes his vast personal and business history to help you and your business cut through the chaos and thrive. He brings a unique professional perspective to the table. Ken further aids the business owner through professional consulting supported by his extensive professional education and development.

      Understanding - First and foremost, you are a person

      NO matter what your background, first and foremost you are a person. Being so, you bring your own perspective, opinions, experience, life pains, and personality traits into your business. Ken is able to work with you from where you are as a person. He will bring a unique perspective to your situation. He will also aid you in defining what your strengths and weaknesses are in your business role. Perhaps you are a "big picture" person. Great! That is wonderful. He can help you create a business plan that will allow you to navigate your business into prosperity. Just as you need a "big picture" person, you also need a "nuts and bolts" person and/or team. Ken will work with you and your team to develop systems that will become the framework for your business. From that your business takes root, expands and grows.

      Ken understands that business and family life are not separate and cannot be separated. From worries to celebrations, emotions are part of who we are. They influence our ability to make correct decisions in business and in our personal lives. As a business owner, it is important to make sound decisions that will carry your business into profits and prosperity. Ken's vast knowledge of human behavior and business expertise enables him to guide the business owner in overcoming obstacles and to move their businesses forward.

      Vast Personal and Business history - Built on "ups and downs"

      Kenneth R. Cone is a CPA, who, like many of you, has learned and grown professionally from life's up and downs, and the "school of hard knocks" He has taken those "wins and losses" and learned from them, enriching his business skills and expertise. Ken has produced in the private and small business world. He successfully ran a diverse CPA practice in the San Francisco Bay Area for nearly 17 years. During this time he saw and experienced the issues of many small and mid-size business owners, and furthered his understanding of their needs. Ken supported them with services such as, establishing systems, training book keepers, cleaning up accounts, consulting, producing tax returns, writing business plans, part-time CFO/controller, and much more. Working with a diverse clientele, Ken developed a keen understanding of human behavior, business stages, organization, and management. His own rich history has sharpened his instincts in discovering, diagnosing, and correcting problems in a business; so that the business can once again, thrive.

      Franchise issues - Esp. marketing and related issues

      Currently, Ken has a CPA practice in the Sacramento metro area, is a part-time CFO of a start-up company in the SF Bay Area, and an Administrative Partner for a Consumer Electronics Accessories firm, also in the SF Bay Area.

      A Unique Professional Perspective

      Ken's rich business life triggered an interest in better understanding why people and businesses react in certain ways. This growing interest led to many years of study through professional organizations and reading. This simultaneous knowledge enables Ken to discern how a business responds in various stages and to differing scenarios. With all this knowledge and experience, Ken is able to help the business owner diffuse situations, remove chaos, instill order, and get businesses on the right track and thriving.

      • Consulting - Whole Life Approach (see above)

      • WISE - Business Administration Technology - designed to keep ethical organizations alive and thriving, even in a hostile environment. If any of these conditions catch your interest, contact me.

      • Business Management

      • Marketing

      • Franchise

      Consulting- Two Forces are Stronger than One

      Consulting is invaluable. Pulling from the understanding that combined forces are stronger than one; Ken understands that consulting is a key element in working with and not just for the business owner. You, the owner, may be dealing with every day issues, inside the business. Ken looks at your business with an outsider's perspective. With this external look, he sees the ideal scene and the current scene in ways you may not perceive because you are too close to your situation.

      Consulting is a private opportunity to bring problems to light. Through this process Ken is able to get to know the business owner, discern what the issues are, and gain insight into how the problem can be resolved. Often, the consultation will revolve around tax issues, other times it may be a more in depth issue. Ken brings his unique experience and perspective to the table to support the business owner in making the business more profitable and prosperous.

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