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1. All goods to continental US addresses shipped FedEx Ground.
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  • Musik $10.00 per unit
  • Cubik $15.00 per unit
3. Please use your apple email address when placing the order.
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Apple Employee Purchase Program

Apple Employee Purchase Program

Apple Employee Program Pricing valid through midnight Dec. 31, 2012

This program is for Apple employees to learn about and enjoy our products. To encourage this we offer them to you at 33% discount below what customers are paying each day at*.
Product Pricing applies world wide. Shipping is shown for continental US. Applicable taxes will be added.
For orders outside the Continental US, Email your order and delivery address to
We will email you the final cost info including shipping and taxes.
Shipping is usually FedEx Ground from Palo Alto California.
Employee verification may add slightly to processing time before shipment.

* When completing your order,
please include your Apple email address as a note.

                           Musik Speakers
Musik speakers 1 pair white
Customer Pricing
$ 59.99* USD
Apple Employee Pricing
$ 40.50 USD
Shipping & Handling -
Continental US
$ 10.00 USD


An entry level speaker system, ideal for students, your boat, on your deck or patio, small spaces, children's bedrooms etc as it is highly portable because power and sound come through ONE USB cable. so no AC power is required.

                             Cubik Speakers
Cubik Speakers 1 Pair black
Customer Pricing
$199.99* USD
Apple employee pricing
$133.99 USD
Shipping & Handling -
Continental US
$ 15.00 USD


A true hifi quality speaker that has won many positive reviews The cubik contains a special chip that incorporates a DSP (Digital Signal Processor), DAA (Digital Audio Amplifier) and a USB sound card. The result is pure digital audio streaming - crystal clear sound without the need to convert from digital to analog before driving speakers. Yes, we take sound through USB. Small format, powerful sound - hifi on your desktop! See the comments on the website:

* When completing your order,
please include your Apple email address as a note.

* pricing may vary.

Amplified Speakers


  • Single cable connection for sound and power through USB
  • Highly portable speaker system with your mobile computer
  • Ideal for Student Dorms, children's bedrooms, boat, deck, garden etc.


Amplified Speakers

  • Digital audio streaming through USB
  • Single chip with DSP, DAA & USB Sound card for flat frequency response
  • Small format with big sound
  • Crystal clear sound

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