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    Marco Paella

    World's Most Delicious Paella

    Marco Paella

    Spanish cuisine is characterized by its inventive use of humble ingredients; ingredients that can be found in plentiful supply throughout the land and in the sea along the coast. Now, Marco Paella can bring this spectacular cuisine with humble beginnings to your party or event. Check out our short video below!

    The most distinctive dish is Paella (pronounced pie-a-ya). It is basically a rice casserole that's embellished with anything and everything that even the simplest peasant could find.

    Paella is traditionally cooked in a wide, flat pan called a Paellera. It is from this that the meal gets its name. No two Paellas are alike, as they are always subject to available ingredients and the specific taste of the chef. Marco Paellas are especially unique because of the secret spice formula that we use.

    The Paella that will prepare for your event features the best and freshest ingredients we can find. Typically, our #1, Marco Ultimo, includes chicken, sausage, clams, mussels, shrimp, calamari, peas, garbanzos, baby corn, green beans and fire-roasted bell peppers. Marco Marisco, for seafood lovers, replaces chicken and sausage with crab meat, baby octopus, and scallops. Lobster and/or fish is, of course, optional.

    Our Marco Veggie is, quite frankly, fantastico! Because the vegetables and spices don't have to compete with the tastes and smells of meat and shellfish, there's a bright, light quality that will make you shout Ole'. If you're planning for a large group, Marco Verde is a must.

    For something different, we are also excited to offer Marco Negra, our mouth-watering black squid seafood Paella; Marco Desayuno, our breakfast/brunch Paella with egg topping; and even Marco Tel Aviv, a kosher-style Paella that uses no pork or shellfish items.

    In addition, our tapas menu (appetizers) is almost too big to list here. Needless to say, you can choose Spanish tortilla, savory albondigas, stuffed mushrooms, garlic shrimp, melon wrapped in serrano ham, gazpacho, cesar salad and much, much more. For dessert, our Crema Catalana (Spanish creme brulee) is always a hit, and we also offer wonderful gelatos, cheese cakes and flan.

    Buen apetito.

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