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Best Business Referral Network (BBRN)

ImageBest Business Networking in Sacramento & Placer Counties
The purpose of the BBRN is to provide a meeting format and member guidelines for a diversified group of business people to develop professional relationships to promote business and referrals.
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ImageMeet our Members
We are a diverse group of professionals who meet weekly to build strong business relationships, awareness of services provided by our members and actively pass referrals. These referral generate hundreds of thousands of dollars each year for our members.
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ImagePay us a visit!!
Membership levels varies but has averaged around 30 members. Our ideal number is 40 so if you category is available, we would welcome your visit to check us out... If it is and you can, then your lunch is on us. Then you can meet our members and decide if we are a good fit to help you meet your business goals.

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ImageWe are "Deperately" Seeking a...
There are certain categories where we find it EXTREMELY EASY to pass referrals to. That category might be YOURS! Check out our current "hot list" or contact us to inquire. We want to grow our membership to increase our referrals!
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