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Meet our Members

We are a diverse group of professionals who meet weekly to build strong business relationships, awareness of services provided by our members and actively pass referrals. These referral generate hundreds of thousands of dollars each year for our members.

Is the idea for some of us (current members) to crossover? 
Not necessarily. We have a great Chapter in Roseville and would hate to lose any of our current members to another Chapter but it will be up to each member. It gives everyone another option if the day, time and location is easier to manage in your schedule. 

Would our current annual dues apply?
Yes. Dues will be the same for all BBRN chapters. However, our guidelines specify a one-time transfer fee of $50.

Can I visit any Chapter?
As long as your category is not filled in the Chapter, you are welcome to visit. This is one of the benefits we see for many of our members. You would just pay for your meal and would do your 30 second commercial as a guest. 

Would there be visitation/referral privileges to the Roseville group?
You will only be included in the Program and Visitation rotation for the Chapter you are a member of. However, you are encouraged to make unofficial visitations as often as you like. Visitors are not subject to the reminders and rewards as a guest.

To learn more about new chapter details. CLICK HERE to read our Guidelines in Section 12.

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