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We are "Deperately" Seeking a...

Mike Bullington<br>Membership Chair

There are certain categories where we find it EXTREMELY EASY to pass referrals to. That category might be YOURS! Check out our current "hot list" or contact us to inquire. We want to grow our membership to increase our referrals!

We are especially interested in the following HOT categories!
  1. Arborist
  2. Attorney (Business, Estate, P/I)
  3. Bank
  4. Carpet Cleaning
  5. CPA
  6. Computer Support
  7. Florist
  8. Hair (Men or Women)
  9. Health Insurance FILLED
  10. Home Security
  12. Jewelry
  13. Landscaping
  14. Massage
  15. Pest Control
  16. Pet Care
  17. Photographer
  18. Plumber  FILLED
  19. Pool Care
  20. Private Investigator
  21. Videographer

By: Susan Dakuzaku, XLeration Services
PEST CONTROL: I need help in this area!

By: Susan Dakuzaku, XLeration Services
LANDSCAPING: I have a landscaping project I need an estimate for.

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NOTE: To contact Mike Bullington
Membership Chair, use the form in the right column.

If you do not see YOUR category on our current HOT LIST, there is still a good chance we do need you. Here's what we suggest:

  1. Check out our member roster and see if you category is available
  2. Contact Mike Bullington below if you have any question
If your category is open you are welcome to pay us a visit and see how we have successfully generated revenue for our members for the past 20 years!

Contact Mike Bullington
Membership Chair


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