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When the Going gets Tough, the Tough get it in Gear!

Aren't you tired of all the negative economic news? Us too! They say you get what you focus on, so we say let's focus on stimulating our own economics by taking positive business-building steps.

To start, an elite team of like-minded businesses will be providing you business tips, staging events and linking to valuable resources so that we can ALL get will it in gear!

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    Get your Biz in Gear

    If you feel like your business could use a boost and your bottom line a "facelift", check out the resources in our business guide. Here you will find businesses, seminars, articles and events that can help get your "Biz in Gear".

    Linda Bigler, ActionCOACH

    Every successful professional athlete has a coach. That coach brings out the very best in them by consistently pushing them beyond their comfort zone to optimize their strengths and talents. At last Sacramento now has a coach like that for the serious business person.
    Business Coach
    Linda Bigler
    (916) 482-2790

    Pacific Business Centers - Seminar Series

    As Sacramento?s innovative business incubator, Pacific Business Centers has put together top local experts to reveal their secrets which will help your business prosper in the face of today?s economic challenges.
    Tracy Wilson
    (916) 395-4400

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    Additional Information:

    The 4 C’s of Internet Marketing?

    • CLICKS: Driving traffic to your website is key to driving traffic to your business.
    • CONVERSION: Traffic without conversion still adds up to a ZERO Return-On-Investment (and as business philosopher Jim Rohn says “ZERO is NOT a good number). You need to turn your Clicks into Customers!
    • CONSISTENCY: Visual and verbal impressions trigger conversion so being consistent in delivering your marketing message is key to a successful strategy.
    • COLLABORATION: If give a man to fish, he eats for a day. If you teach a man to fish, he eats for a lifetime. If you learn to fish with others, you eat for a lifetime BUT you don’t have to go fishing EVERY DAY!
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