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Unreal and Imagined

Unreal and Imagined

Artists Announced

This exhibit is open to all media interpreting the theme "Unreal and Imagined." This is an exploration of fantasy and imagination. Let yours run wild! This is a juried show. Our guest juror is Tracy Lewis, a local artist/instructor and owner of Chroma Art Studio in Cameron Park.

94 Works / 46 Artists
Artist NameTitleMediumPrice
Frank AldrichCrazy HippieInk$50.00
Karen AldrichPromisesMixed Media$85.00
 Glory-Star AngelMixed Media$150.00
 Moonlight WhaleMixed Media$85.00
Bonnie Anderson-MachostOpen Book of LifeOilNFS
 Windy DayAcrylicNFS
Vincent BodeMona ModelTerra Cotta Pencil$325.00
Just PaintTerra Cotta Pencil$250.00
Caroline BowkerMidnight GardenAcrylic on Paper$200.00
 Message in a BottleAcrylic on Paper$200.00
 Dream WorldAcrylic$200.00
Pamela BrooksSafariAcrylic / Mixed$111.00
 A Day at the BeachAcrylic / Mixed$82.00
Laura CarrollIf Loved Lasted ForeverAcrylic$50.00
 Intend to DeserveAcrylic$50.00
Susan CawthonShe Rises from the SeaAcrylic & Mixed MediaNFS
Hilda ColeSpringfest of the Singing BowlAcrylic on CanvasNFS
Autumn of the Blue HeronAcrylic on CanvasNFS
Elizabeth FranciscoWaiting for My PrinceAcrylicNFS
Deborah FreshourTree ManWatercolor w/ pen & ink$150.00
 MerwomanAcrylic Mixed$150.00
 Lightning & RainAcrylic Mixed$100.00
Claudia GarciaFlights of FancyMixed MediaNFS
Cheryl GleasonA-SpireOil on Masonite$350.00
PortalOil on Masonite$375.00
Sheila GreenLucy (in the sky)Acrylic/Collage$75.00
Judy GustafsonThe Trees Have EyesClay$75.00
 Lady CyborgClay$300.00
Ron HallCurious & Curiouser AcrylicNFS
 Little Red in the HoodAcrylic$300.00
 Till Death Do Us PartAcrylic$300.00
Annette HeacoxWild EscapeMixed Media$95.00
 Pourquoi' PasMixed Media$30.00
 Wood NymphAcrylic$190.00
Boyd JensenFootprints on the Sands of TimePhotographyNFS
Virginia JohnstonWhere's the ChiefAcrylic$200.00
 Shooting StarsAcrylic$100.00
 Enchanting AcrylicNFS
Terry JoyceSwan Lake?Soft Pastel$175.00
Jeani KankoThrough the Looking GlassAcrylicNFS
Valery KazakStill Life in MosaicOil on Canvas$670.00
Memory of RubensOil on Canvas$850.00
Dance of BeautyOil on Canvas$560.00
Kay KelisonDragonflies & PoppiesOils 3D Canvas$450.00
Company of RedOils 3D Canvas$450.00
Souls of SolitudeOils 3D Canvas$450.00
Kat Kunz-DaviesMystCeramic$82.00
Who Are YouEggshell Mosaic$75.00
Christina LemarTree of LifeMixed Media$100.00
His Eye is on the WorldMixed Media$140.00
 My Heart Explodes for YouOil$200.00
Barbara LittleRootsMixed Media$175.00
Patience MabrayWater on MarsFused Glass$175.00
 Jabberwacky Flower TreeFused Glass$125.00
 Minute in the mind of a GenuisMixed Media$175.00
Marsha MasonSee Spot RunWatercolor$220.00
 We're All PawnsWatercolor$135.00
Jan MillnerOasis on the JourneyMixed Media$299.00
Karen McCreadyAspen RomanceMixed MediaNFS
Charla McKennaSleeping ForestAcrylic$60.00
Pamela PankeyDragon's PerchAcrylic$195.00
 Mystic UnicornAcrylic$195.00
David PetersonAfter Ellsworth KellyAcrylic$400.00
 Contrived ShapesWatercolor$485.00
Mark RoffeHandmade Glass MarblesGlassNFS
Ady SaavedraBlue Crest DeerAcrylicNFS
Abigail SillsDaughter EarthAcrylic$195.00
Rick SloanSoar Like an EagleAcrylic on BoardNFS
 The IDMixed Media$85.00
Zach SloanNo FearColored Pencil$500.00
Henry SolorioThird EyeOilNFS
 Priestess of AvalonOil$200.00
 The Voice of MerlinOil$250.00
Janice StorkBleeding HeartAcrylicNFS
 Alien CamouflagedAcrylicNFS
 Alien TubesAcrylicNFS
Caryn VanWormerLand of Make-BelieveAcrylicNFS
Ondra WardCandylandAcrylicNFS
Sleeping BeautyOilNFS
Dancing FairyAcrylicNFS
Donine WellmanCircular MotionMixed Media$250.00
Sid WellmanChevronMixed Media$1500.00
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Jan. 18 - April 1, 2016

Rancho Cordova City Hall

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