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Melody Mayer, Coordinator
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Rancho Cordova 

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The fight for a fitter community has just begun! We are continuing to look for new ideas.
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Rancho Cordova Great Health Challenge

20 Tons in 2010

Rancho Cordova Great Health Challenge

Rancho Cordova launched a fitness program Feb. 1, 2010 intended to promote a healthier community by building awareness for those who live, work, play, or pray here. A recap of the year's activities and recognition of the program participants and supporters was presented to the Rancho Cordova City Council on Tuesday, Feb. 18.

Recap of the Challenge:

We had an audacious goal: 20 tons in 2010! That challenged Rancho Cordova community members to lose a combined total of 20 tons (40,000 pounds) in 2010. Individual participants to lose 10 pounds in 10 months (February thru November). It was doable! A Resolution was issued with focus on creating a healthier community by building awareness regarding the importance of good nutrition and an active lifestyle

Business Outreach:

Once the challenge was issued, we then set out to engage local businesses on a topic that soon became part of national conversation... Local business leaders, such as Catholic Healthcare West, Fireman's Fund, Heald College, Kaiser, Target, and WalMart, recognized the importance of good health not only to their employees, but to their bottom line. They sat down with the Mayor to talk about ways they and their employees could get involved.

Many local businesses incorporated the Challenge into their existing employee wellness programs:

  • Fireman's Fund - Employee Wellness Campaign Kickoff
  • Kaiser - Biggest Loser Challenge
  • SCOE - Employee Wellness Fair
  • Sutter Health - Employee Wellness Fair

Some used the Challenge as a way to launch new wellness programs:

  • ITT - got really creative and included a Wellness component in student Job Fair
  • Volcano - Employee Wellness Program Kickoff

Sims Metal Management even hosted a community weigh in that was filmed for a local television morning program.

Community Outreach:

With businesses on track we then set out to engage community members. Individual residents, local churches, schools, and community organizations were invited to get involved with almost 10,000 wristbands given out. We wanted to show people that fitness could be fun and memorable, while also being accessible to people of all ages and abilities.

A variety of special activities were offered:

  • California Family Fitness - Community Fitness Fair/Open House
  • Grocery Outlet - Family Health & Fitness Fair
  • Gwen Moore with Nutrition Intervention - Free Nutrition Classes
  • Body Investment Studio - Free Yoga classes
  • Curves - Free Zumba classes
  • Training with Tony - Free Fitness Fridays at The Gym
  • Mayor Ken Cooley - Neighborhood Walks with the Mayor were held between April and October (12)
  • Cordova Community Food Locker - Theme food drives each month focusing on the importance of good nutrition.

In addition to those special events, awareness activities were also built into existing Community Events:

  • Spring Extravaganza
  • Kids Day
  • Project 680 Bike Ride
  • iFest
  • Walk, Wag, and Roll
  • Veggie Chase
  • 4th of July Festival

And special efforts were made to engage our kids:

  • School to School Challenge
  • Design an Ad Contest
  • Walks launched from school sites - fliers sent home with students at each site & special invites sent out to clubs, such as Interact, at the high school level

We also gave out lots of prizes along the way, thanks to the generosity of our sponsors. Monthly prize drawings were held - all registered participants were eligible - for things like gift cards and certificates to CA Family Fitness, Curves, & Body Investment Studio, as well as free car washes and 20 Tons promotional items.

Grand prize drawing held for all registered participants who recorded a weight loss of 10 pounds or more on the website. Several individuals received prizes like the ones I just mentioned, but one lucky individual, who will be announced a little later in the presentation, is receiving a special prize from CA Family Fitness!


So after all that, you're probably wondering what are the results... 1258 people registered as participants on the website, Not everyone posted their weight or weight loss. Of the participants who did share, the average weight loss recorded was 15 pounds per person! The highest recorded post was113 pounds. If we multiply the average by the number of registrants, that is 18,870 pounds or almost halfway to our goal. Ken Cooley noted that the program was initially proposed to be 10 tons in 2010 but "20 Tons in 2010" had better illiteration.

An unknown number of people in the community also got involved. In addition to the people who registerd, we received emails from others who didn't register but wanted us to know they supported the effort. So although we may not have met our audacious goal of 20 tons based on weight loss submitted through the website, ultimately, we believe the program

  • increased awareness community-wide regarding the importance of good health,
  • served as a platform to unite community members in their efforts to improve their health,
  • provided an opportunity for local businesses to outreach to their employees and to community members, and
  • helped demonstrate that Rancho Cordova is a community that understands good health, supports strong community, and supports prospering business.

Lessons Learned:

And we learned a few lessons along the way... Fitness matters not only to individuals but to businesses as well. Although weight loss is a personal commitment, there is a desire in our community to come together to help make positive changes for the greater good.

CHECK OUT the following Video Retro-Spective!

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Special Thanks:

To the individuals who helped develop and implement this program: without them we couldn't have accomplished what we did
  • Shelly Blanchard, Cordova Community Council
  • Susan Dakuzaku, GoRanchoGuide.com

To our Program Sponsors:

To our Business Supporters:
To our local media groups who helped publicize the program:
To dedicated walkers and city staff who attended almost every walk
  • Linda Budge
  • George Burnash
  • Helen Jaczola
  • Lorianne Ulm

Grand prize winner

Patty Bradley was the winner of a 1 year membership to California Family Fitrness. Unfortunately, she was not able to be at the Feb. 18 wrap-up to receive the prize because she was attending her first night of a fitness class at the community college! "Congratulations" and "Way to go" Patty!

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