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2014 Cordova Community Conuncil Community Honorees

2014 Community Volunteer Awards
There's No Place Like Home
Each year, the Council recognizes outstanding volunteer contributions to the community in various categories ranging from business to faith leadership. The prestigious "Rancho Cordovan of the Year" award can honor an exceptional contribution to the community during the year or over a lifetime.
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Rancho Cordovan of the Year
George Burnash
Everybody knows the famous Wizard of Oz scene where Dorothy performs Glinda the Good Witch's simple magic spell.

All she has to do is click the heels of her magic ruby slippers and say "There's No Place Like Home."
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Special Recognition
Clayton Berriesford
Imagine walking down the Yellow Brick Road.

It's lined with beautiful poppies, right?

Now, imagine walking down the Yellow Brick Road and there's a bunch of trash everywhere you look. It's quite a different picture.
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All American Fourth of July Volunteer
Jerry and Erika Johnson Family
Rancho Cordova's largest annual celebration is the Fourth of July when volunteers transform Hagan Park into our own patriotic wonderland.

Those who actually work on this project don't think of it as a party as much as a miracle!
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Distinguished Teen Service
Logan Shelton
Volunteering on behalf of our youth is highly prized in Rancho Cordova. But what about those outstanding teens who are giving of their time and talent to others?

It is always a pleasure to shine a light on the wonderful things young people are doing in our community. Despite what you might think, teens in our town care about each other and their community and want to help.
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Distinguished Service Organization
VSP Optics Group
Thanksgiving came early last year in the Cordova Towne neighborhood. That's when an army of 50 volunteers from the VSP Optics Group invaded.

They were armed with paint brushes and rakes. And big hearts.
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Distinguished Service to Youth
Sheryl Longsworth
One thing we believe in around here is that kids matter.

They need opportunities to learn, grow and lead. They need chances to volunteer, to engage in the arts, play sports and explore future careers - to experience the world and learn the skills needed to be 21st century citizens.
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Distinguished Community Service
Karen Callen-Anderson
One of our favorite Wizard of Oz characters has to be the Tin Man. It is from him we learn a lot about heart.

We have also learned a lot about heart from Karen Callen-Anderson, who has certainly shown more than her share. She has miles of it.
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Distinguished Business Partner
Kevin and Jane Tate, California Carnival Company
A carnival is one of those events that evoke memories of childhood. This fabulous fun brings out the child in all of us.

If you grew up in a small town, you surely remember when the carnival came to town. It was an excuse to break open the piggy bank so you could take a thrilling ride, each sticky cotton candy and maybe even win a giant stuffed bear.
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