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Susan Dakuzaku
(916) 965-4870
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XLeration Services specializes in building websites that work to build your business. Options include cost-effective 1-page solutions to fully-functional, content-driven websites. Contact us for a FREE consultation.

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The 1st C of Internet Marketing: CONVERSION

Convert more Clicks into Customers

The 1st C of Internet Marketing: CONVERSION
The primary purpose of a website (from a marketing perspective) is to cause your phone and/or your cash register to ring. And the sooner the better! That's when the investment will begin to pay for itself. If yours isn't working, then you need a better website.

All the traffic you can handle with a ZERO conversion ratio results in a business increase of ZERO and as business philosopher Jim Rohn said: "ZERO is NOT a good number." If you put the M.A.G.I.C. into your Marketing Message then you are more likely to convert clicks into customers.
  • MESSAGE: Be very specific about your message. If you try to say too much about everything that you do, it is hard for the visitor to sift through it all to get to the "what's in it for them".
  • AUDIENCE: Direct your message at each specific target market. What a business client is focused on may be quite different from a non-commercial client. So you should then fine-tuen your MESSAGE to each specific AUDIENCE and do it on a different webpage (and perhaps even a difference website)
  • GRAB THEIR ATTENTION: If consumers are surfing the 'net (and you know they are), you need to distinguish yourself from your competition. Your message needs to convey your Unique Selling Proposition. What's more HOW you present it can certainly be unique as well. The internet offers many options that will increase your "WOW factor"
  • INVOLVE THEIR EMOTIONS: You need to connect with your visitors in 17 seconds or less. You need to push the the "want" or "need" button of your audience and the quickest way to do this is not logic, but emotions. You can do this with pictures, testimonials, and audio. Telling YOUR story and how it will benefit THEM quickly and concisely. Ah, there's the rub!
  • CALL TO ACTION: Now that you have them interested, what do you want them to do? Call you? Click the BUY button? Join your email? Whatever it is, decide what it is and make it EASY and OBVIOUS on how to do it...
If you increase your CONVERSION by effectively implementing these suggestions, imagine show that increase can positively affect your bottom line!

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